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The best court reporters in the world cannot keep up with the immediate delivery demands of modern law practice without embracing technology.  

When multiple realtime feeds and ASAP delivery are every bit as important as the verbatim transcript, call Miller.

Like fine watchmakers, we are only as good as the tools of our trade; therefore, remaining at the forefront of reporting technology is of paramount importance to us.  Keeping up with the state of the art minimizes technical issues and affords us the ability to comply with any request your clients may make.  From immediate delivery in Texas to remote streaming from Taiwan, we have the technology and the talent.


Current Version Stenograph CaseCATalyst

Stenograph Luminex II Writers (backups on hand)
20+ iPads available
CaseViewNet Ready
Live Deposition Ready
RemoteCounsel Ready
High-speed portable scanners for onsite rush exhibits
International cell phones and data plans